Gradeworks Inc.

The Resources you Need, The Quality you Deserve

Who We Are

Gradeworks is a family owned and operated excavating company based out of Eastlake, Ohio.  We are reputable contractors that have been in business for over 15 years and continue to excel in our work.

State of the Art Equipment

In order to get the job done right and within an allotted time frame, gradeworks is equipped with top of the line machinery and high tech tooling. We take pride in our up to date, well maintained fleet of equipment so serve you better. Machines available include excavators (large and small), bulldozers, wheel loaders, backhoes, track skid steers, compactors, hydro seeders, and dump trucks.


Excavation Services

With an increased demand for skilled excavation in northeast Ohio, Gradeworks provides a full range of services that meet any residential or commercial excavation requirement.

Gradeworks provides first rate, customer oriented services and understands the high standard of quality that developers and homeowners are looking for.

A full Range of Residential and Commercial Services

New Pond and Lake Construction

A properly built pond will need to adhere to certain principles. It is actually a systematic process that is not so different than building a house or any other structure. As you will see, building a functional pond requires a lot more than just digging a hole and filling it with water and fish.

Pond and Lake Repair

Similar to a house and a car, ponds and lakes can also deteriorate over the course of time. Severe and unpredictable weather...

Pond and Lake Restoration 

The key to enjoying a pond or lake small or big is keeping it maintained and healthy.  As the age increases there are several things that can be done to prolong the life of the pond as well as protect the natural habitat living within the ecosystem...

Hydroseeding / Temporary Seeding

Have an old lawn that isn’t lush and green the way it used to be?   Did you just build a new house or structure without any grass at all? Have a large property or commercial site in need of Erosion Control? Gradeworks can help with all of that!! We offer a wide variety of seeding options for whatever your needs require, whether you are starting from scratch or rehabilitating an old and deteriorating lawn.

Erosion Control

Throughout Northeast Ohio, mother nature can take its toll on terrains and drastically change them over time. Due to heavy rains and harsh winters, this can be a never ending battle. With proper techniques, tooling, and a strong understanding of water flow, we can fight right back and prevent future erosion whether it be with a permanent or temporary repair.


One of the biggest threats to structures, properties, and assets is unwanted water. Heavy rains, melting snow, and ice can cause serious damage to all those things you love and worked so hard to obtain. What we do to protect these is take that unwanted water and divert it to a more suitable location.

General Sitework

Thinking about building a new structure or preparing a piece of land for future use? Let Gradeworks be you’re team for all of your sitework needs.  When one has a future plan in the works, the first step in the building process is to prepare the land for the intended project.

Specialty Work

When it comes to beautifying a landscape or to just plain have some fun with it, Gradeworks has you covered. If you can think it up, we can make it happen for you. Our expert staff employs their skills and experience along with a creative imagination to work with our customers on making ideas come to life.